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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: and then? >> it then maybe some more wine. >> reporter: and then? >> music. >> then the burrito. >> reporter: promoters expect 40,000 people a day here for 78 musical acts and now maybe you see the scope of it. where a massive earthquake hit less than two years ago it is a comeback, good luck finding a hotel or getting a dinner reservation of the at grace's table, the chef loves to the influx of new faces. >> we're full a lot, but we're good to have a whole new base to be drawing on. >> reporter: that base sold this show out last april, prices for the three days range from $200 to $3,000 here in the vip section they paid $700. what's it like to be a vip? >> i don't know. we just got here. >> reporter: they've got elbow room. they've got shade. easy access to amenities. they've got music really loud. and if the decembibels become t much for you, here's an alternative, silent disco?
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go figure ff's kind of exclusive and you're really free to do whatever you want to. and it's kind of the aspect is pretty cool being able to dance to your own music no one else is hearing it. >> reporter: pretty soon we won't need concerts. >> yeah. >> reporter: one word of warning. if here to dance, make sure you flash some moves. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> that's going to be a fun weekend. thanks for join pg us for abc 7 niz as 4. i'm larry biel. abc 7 news at 5 begins right now with dan and kristen. not having her is heartbreaking. >> a sister waits for word. breaking news in the search for a vallejo teenager now focus odden a remote area of sonoma county. we are there live. plus -- >> there is a lot of activity taking place as we speak. >> after police arrest two students in a deadly attack, the search is now on for a third. also ahead, a woman jumps into the bay after fighting with her boyfriend. why she now owes thousands of dollars. and getaway day in the bay
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area finds one airport ready for the crowds. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. we're turning up the heat for the weekend. >> announcer: abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. a sheriff's deputy searches from a bridge. volunteers span out on the ground, even the water is being patrolled in jenner. everyone on the lookout for a missing vallejo teenager. >> right. this is the scene now from sky7 hd live right now as you can see the search continues in this area. they are hoping you see two people volunteers there searching the water line hoping for some dikts indication of pearl pinson's whereabouts. but the search goes on as we speak. every passing minute a little bit more urgent. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. 15-year-old pearl pinson was last seen dragged from an overpass by a man police have identified as 19-year-old
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fernando castro. >> now, that was on wednesday. yesterday traffic cameras spotted the suspect's car near the richmond/san rafael bridge in marin county. police killed the kidnapper in a shootout in sanlt brar ra county. >> now the search for pearl pinson is happening in the small community of jenner in sonoma county. >> laura anthony is there live with the very latest on this case. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. i'm standing along willow creek road, just east of the small community of jenner. this is where there's a amulti-agency effort going on prying to find pearl peninsula p. there are search teams just down the road from where i'm standing. i'm told this is multiagency. again, this involves the fbi also assisting in this effort. let's show you what it looks like from sky7 hd. besides the ground search that we're showing you right now, there's a lot going on in the river. the russian river, right adjacent to this property. you can see boats out there.
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we have a command post out here and again eye number of search teams on the ground. of course, all of this comes one day after that dramatic shootout down in santa barbara county near sole vain. that's where the suspect was spotted yesterday afternoon. he was driving a gold saturn that was the object of an amber alert that saturn was located or identified on highway 101. a chase began. he ended up in sole vain. he tried to switch vehicles but during the course of the shootout with police he was shot and killed. now, this morning we talked with the family of pearl pinson, her sister. here's what she had to say. >> we have hope and naij she's going to come home. shae's going to be saich. we're going to find her. not having her is heartbreaking. it really is. gist need her home right now. >> reporter: and we're back out
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here live near jenner. joining me christine castillo with the solano county sheriff's department. i know it's a lot that is still under investigation, but what can you tell us at this point about what brought the search to this location? >> we reached out to our partners at the sonoma county sheriff's office to conduct search and rescue efforts in this area of willow creek lane. through the investigation, from our detectives throughout the evening, led us to this point. we're encouraging folks to continue to call that tip line we've set up and keep those tips coming in. this is a very large-scale investigation, very large area to cover. again, this started in northern california, ending with the suspect shootout in southern california, and we're just focused here right now based on the tips and information we've gathered. >> reporter: there was some indication certainly in vallejo that pearl may have been injured. obviously that would be of great concern to you. but at this point you're still
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looking search and rescue as you said, right? >> absolutely. we are still looking at this sz a search and rescue effort. we believe and hope that we will reunite pearl with her family. >> reporter: anything folks can do out there whether it's in this area or down in the bay ar area? >> we're just encouraging our community if you believe you saw pearl over the last few days, if you can offer any information in this case to contact our tip line. that's 707-784-1963. >> reporter: finally, willing the search go on for the foreseeable future? are you going into the evening? >> that's still being evaluate. we'll determine that based on what they find out here. >> reporter: christine, thank you for joining us. that's it for fr hehere in gene every, active search going on for the vallejo teenager pearl pinson. >> laura, thanks very much. >> a search is under way tonight for a third person connected to a shooting and stabbing that left one student dead and another injured in novato. yesterday two people were
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arrested during raids, both novato high school studz. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is live with the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: dan, it's been an unbelievable 48 hours for this community. grief counseling was going on today at novato high. i spoke to one of the mothers of the teens arrested who told me she couldn't believe when s.w.a.t. teams arrived at her apartment. we may see the s.w.a.t. team again as they go closer to making a third arrest. it has been a great concern to this community that four students from novato high were possibly involved in this incident. that's where the mayor held a press conference to say this has sent shock waves through novato. >> violence will not be tolerated in our city. any life lost is one life too many. not in our town. >> reporter: it started:]p2 wednesday late afternoon when
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investigators say four teens and a fifth person met on a trail near novato high. two of the teens were shot and stabbed. one died, the other was bad injured but managed to kuhle 911. the next day a s.w.a.t. team arrived at the home of one of the suspects, arrested a 17-year-old male. then a few hours later made a second arrest, this time a 16-year-old. police are looking for a third suspect but did not find him. now they think they are close to arresting him. >> statements from the victim himself, statement from witnesses. thankfully we've had a lot of people from the community who are very aware of this investigation going on. >> reporter: the sheriff's office here is also looking into a possible connection between a sexual assault which happened a week ago and these shootings. >> there are some common names but whether there's any true nexus between that and the investigation we have right now we have not clearly defined that. we're looking into that, as many other investigations. >> reporter: the marin county sheriff's department told us the teens in custody may be tried as
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adults. in novato, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. the san francisco police union is criticizing mayor etd lee over his comments on the city's most recent officer-involved shooting. the may 19th shooting left 29-year-old jessica williams dead. later ha day, then police chief greg suhr resigned. this weekley told the "san francisco chronicle" there has to be consequences for the police sergeant who fired the fatal shot. today the president of the police union sent an angry letter to the mayor. it reads in part, you have publicly tarnished the reputation of a 15-year veteran with your damaging remarks. an alameda firefighter will stay in the hospital at least until tomorrow after getting hurt in an overnight fire. it broke out at a home on fountain street near sant layer clara avenue. flames chased one woman out of her home. a firefighter said they had access issues which made it difficult to fight the flames. a woman has to pay a $5,000 fine after jumping from a tour
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boat into the bay. the coast guard said today the woman jumped overboard on may 7th after getting into an argument with her boyfriend. she was safely rescued by the boat's crew. she could have been fined as much as $30,000. the coast guard says jumping into the bay poses a risk to the jumper, others on the boat, and the crew. well, the can skies are going to be very crowded this memorial weekend, and that is going to put a strain on already clogged airport security check points. david louie is live at san jose international where tsa agents david are getting help from the airlines. >> reporter: yes, they are, dan. you know how tsa's reputation has been battered lately because of those three hour long waits at chicago o'hare's airport. here in san jose you can see it's a lot better, the wait times estimated between 21 and 30 minutes. ta is getting help in the airlines as the number of passengers here surges from 14,000 to 19,000 people. you might say tsa check point
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lines were fluid. one minute there was no backup, then a sudden surge of passengers created a backup. how soon is your flight? >> 2 1/2 hours. >> reporter: so you planned ahead. >> yes, i did. >> reporter: so you've been hiding the warning to come extra early. >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: the challenges and influx of 5,000 additional fliers today over its normal volume of 14,000. but the biggest volume hitting from 5:00 to 7:30 a.m., noontime and 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. the tsa put agents on overtime, the airport and airplalines are helping, too. >> they're bring being contract staff manage the bins and to help passengers to divest of their jackets and keys and their personal belongsings. >> reporter: a free app is handy to check on wait times t. showed that san jose generally had no delays or ones up to ten minutes. even chicago o'hare airport where lines have been up to three hours long maxed out at 45 minutes today.
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however, airports are adding more flights to more places reflecting passenger demand and san jose is no exception. >> we expect by this august to have double dinlity growth to the tune of 16% increase in passengers over the previous time last year. >> reporter: and that could mean longer lines and wait times during peak travel periods. even arriving passengers notice the wait time for baggage can be longer than clearing tsa. were you concerned about that or not? >> i was a little yeah. >> reporter: but it turned out to be smooth sailing. >> no problem. i hope it's that way when we depart san jose. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. coming up, hillary clinton the campaigner becomes hilalary clinton the listener. >> i want to be a champion for oakland and all the oaklands of america. a major study links cell phones to cancer. so how real is that danger? hot sauce and a sandwich. i'm michael
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we will stay on the story from new jersey and bring you updates as soon as we get them. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton wrapped up her two day bay area visit today. her campaign stops here are a sign of how important california has become in the race for delegates. but as abc 7 news anchor eric thomas says, today's was different from most political rallies. >> reporter: candidate hillary clinton's convoy pulled up to the rear of the home of chicken and waffles avoiding her hundred or so supporters outside and the handful of supporters for her opponent bernie sanders. inside clinton says this visit was all about oakland. >> i want to be a champion for
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oakland and all the oaklands of america, places that have challenges like any part of our country and any kind of human endeavor but places that are coming together. >> reporter: she met with a panel that included religious, education and business leaders, along with oakland mayor libby schaaf a clinton backer who had a few requests to make. >> i asked for more flexibility in spending federal funds, particularly when we're trying to help people make more positive life choices. they face a variety of barriers. one size doesn't fit all. >> reporter: the owner of this oakland restaurant believes the chinten campaign chose it for a very good reason. >> if you really want to come to oakland and experience a really oakland experience, we just get about anybody and everybody in here. >> reporter: clinton has watched what was once a big lead over sanders shrink from double di t digits with just a couple of point was the primary a week and a half away. volunteers at sanders' oakland campaign headquarters think he has a chance to win it but some
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have a backup plan if he doesn't. >> i believe that a third party is another potential option. i think there's a lot of people that would go independent if sanders decided to go that route. >> reporter: we'll find out more about which route each candidate will choose following california's june 7th primary. eric thomas, abc 7 news. now, this weekend clinton's rival is heading back to the east bay after campaigning in southern california. bernie sanders will be making two stops in oakland on sunday and monday. today he campaigned in sanpete droe and santa barbara before heading to the central valley. we have some breaking news right now in san diego where there is some fight and arrests following a donald trump rally. you're looking at a live pictures in the gas lamp quarter. that is a trendy area of san diego. you see a huge police presence with their batons out and you see a lot of people looking quite tense right now. thousands of supporters started tussling with protesters. at least 18 arrests we know of
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and unknown number of injuries are. well, trump the presumptive republican nominee campaigned in california today speaking at a rally in fresno. he told supporters he can solve the state's water crisis going so far as to say there is no drought. >> so we're going to be back up here believe me we're going to start opening up the water so that you can have your farmers survive so that your job market will get better. >> trump accuses state officials of denying water to central valley farmers in order to protect a three-inch fish. last year the state market's driest four-year period in its history with record low rainfall and snow. federal guidelines could undergo some tweaks after an unprecedented government study linking cell phones to cancer. the $25 million study was conducted by the national toxicology program. it found male rats exposed to heavy doses of radiation from cell phones developed heart and brain tumors. female rats were not affected.
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now, before you throw away your cell phone, consumer advocates say there are some safety measures you can take. >> keep the cell phone away from your head or body if you're going to make calls, use individual yvideo calls or mands free optionor or text. >> the study is not yet complete but advocates pushing for research got wind of the findings. researchers at the toxicology program say it will be up to agencies like the food and drug administration to decide if federal guidelines need to be changed. this debate has been percolating for many many years. new information tonight. all right, let's turn our attention to the weekend and the holiday weekend forecast. >> looks like it's warm upg, sandhya? >> yeah, it is indeed. it was bathroomer tod ewarrer t absolutely beautiful with ayou bleu kais and a gentle breeze. people are out and aabout. let me show you live doppler 7 hd and we'll talk about the heat that is it going to head our way sfors the inland areas. live doppler 7 hd showing you clear conditions right now, a
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few high clouds from our mt. tam cam as we look toward sausalito, richardson bay. moid 60s in san francisco, 70 in oak lands, it's really nice in san jose, 78 degrees and 80 in morgan hill. east bay hills camera showing you a little bit of a hazy view and temperatures in the low 80s for santa rosa, concord 84 currently in napa. livermores excuse me. other golden gate bridge camera, you will be seeing more of this, blue skies. clear skies overnight tonight, warm to hot pour the holiday weekend. we're looking at mild weather at the beaches. so if you are hitding the beach which some people already have the great idea in santa cruz there enjoying the warm sun, very high uv index tomorrow, 74 degrees you'll need the sunscreen. cool sea breeze will take the temperatures down just a skosh on sunday and it's mild weather with low 70s if you're heading there for memorial day. mild overnight at any time temperatures in the low 50s to low 60s. skies will be clear and then as we head towards the afternoon look at these readings, 83 degrees in sant jose and the south bay, 76 santa cruz, 86
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gilroy, milpitas on the peninsula and redwood city and palo alto, 78 in san mateo, 65 in half moon bay. so a nice day to het hit the beaches, 65 daly city, 70 in downtown san francisco, north bay mid 80s, napa, sonoma, 87 calistoga, vallejo 81 east bay you're looking at mid 70s from oakland to hayward, newark. so temperatures coming up a few more degrees tomorrow. inland pd 89 in livermore, 88 in cord, 90 fairfield, yeou're goig to bottle rock in napa valley, it's going to be absolutely beautiful weather, 70 degrees tomorrow morning and sunny at 10:00 a.m. warm around the afternoon and evening hours in the upper 70s to low 80s. clear skies at 10:00, still comfortable you'll notice there, 62 degrees. the forecast for sunday, it's a slight dip in the temperatures most noticeable along the coast where we'll see a little bit of
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a sea breeze and as we head into monday, memorial day, it's going to get hot inland. warmer at the beaches. tuesday is when the heat peaks. we're flirting with 100 degrees inland, temperatures along the coast remaining quite nice. accuweather seven-day forecast mid 60s to mid 90s tomorrow temperatures down a couple of degrees sunday but memorial day they come back up. we're looking at the heat inland, the summer heat continues on tuesday. low 70s to the upper 90s. and then we'll see the heat ease. but wednesday through friday we're still looking at our summer spread with 60s to 90s, little bit of fog will be returning to take the edge off the heat. hope you guys have a wonderful homd weekend. >> you, too, sandhya. >> that heat we're pawning off barbecuing duties on each other. >> that's right. speaking of food, from swapd witches to sauces it's all about eating on finney's friday free stuff. that's next. then at 5:30 -- kristen, dan, just as millions travel tonight, severe storms across several states, two dead, several others sweat
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away. the tropical storm warning issued, will it het this holiday and late today in california, donald trump suddenly pulling his offer right after abc 7 news. >> david, thanks. also michael finney joins us with 6 with this story, a man who debt of kept getting someone else's parking tickets and toll fines. you'll see how things spiralled out of control until michael and 7 an y
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all right, it is time now for the best part of the week, finney's freeway free stuff. >> michael, we're talking food today, reitz? pf we are. these products are all coming from local -- san jose and hayward. let's start in san jose with togo's. this is their 54th anniversary so they're introducing that wrap right there. it's a new chicken ka praise zai sandwich wrap. i have to tell you it's absolutely phenomenal. >> i took a bite. it's delicious. >> we were chomping on these in
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the office. their based out of santa fe. they've been all over the bay area for a long time. get in on that. it's very good. the second item we is is lucky dog hot sauce. you guys have one over there, don't you? >> i do right here. >> there you go. a hayward company makes this. lucky dog hot sauce, they say is a food's best friend. >> we should put that on the sandwich. >> they have a bunch of flavors you can find. >> how do we get it free? >> see, you ask all the good questions. dial 1-800-546-7177 or log on to abc 7 >> great stuff, michael. thanks so much as always. >> may is asian pacific american heritage month. i hope you'll join me this sunday for a special episode of beyond the headlines. i sit down with a roundtable of local leaders to discuss issues important to the asian american and broader bay area community. we explore topics ranging from
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diversifying hollywood, encouraging voter participation, and finding the right college. join me for this special edition of "beyond the headlines" this sunday at 10:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. >> great topic. look forward to tuning in. well, what happen whz the marines meet up with a raifder contingent?
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i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6, they're thousands of miles away, but president obama's visit to here chic ma elicits emotional responses here in the bay area. there's both sadness and disappointment. also, the unusual congressional race shaping up along the north coast for candidates four unique stories. plus -- ♪ the east bay kids feature in a
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cool new music video alongside a top hollywood star. the video was even shown at the white house. all that plus much more coming up on abc 7 news at 6. >> see you at 6, ama. this memorial day weekend raider nation is pitching in to help another set of raiders. >> abc 7 news was in san francisco's union square today as former raiders raid receipts and other volunteers helped care packages for raider units. >> the packages have everything from essential toiletries to beef jerky to raiders socks. >> any way we can give back to our men and women in uniform we understand freedom is not free. >> instead of eating the same food on the ship you get some good junk, good candy and fresh toothbrush. it's great. >> the 63 care packages will be be sent out before the end of the weekend and arrive for troops in afghanistan and iraq in the next few weeks. a good chance for us this monday memorial day to remember those who are in harm's way.
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>> "world news tonight with david muir" is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. just as we come on tonight, as millions now travel, the tropical storm warning just issued. will it hit the coast this holiday? also tonight, the other system. severe storms across several states at this hour. two dead, several others missing. swept away in the flash floods. also at this hour, the heavy security tonight. hundreds of protesters gathering with donald trump near the u.s./mexico border. the motorcade barreling through a police barricade. and tonight, trump suddenly pulling his offer to debate bernie sanders. sanders firing back moments ago. the deadly police confrontation, under investigation. the officer jumping on the hood, firing through the windshield. the air scare. the passenger jet. the engine going up in flames. hundreds of passengers rushing from the plane. the new headline tonight about cancer and your cell phone.


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